HID LED Headlight For Jeep Renegade 2015-2018 JR

Key Features:
Hybrid – Powered by LEDs, HIDs and Halogen lamps
Shockproof & Weatherproof (IP68)
Durable Aluminum Housing
Over 50,000 hours of operation


HID LED Headlight for Jeep Renegade 2015-2018 JR

Material: Aluminum
Housing Color: Black
Color Temperature: 5000-6000K 
Bulb Type: D1S
Ballast Type: Built-in ballast
Wattage: 35W
Voltage: DC 12V 
Turn Signal: Halogen (Amber) 
Fitment: Jeep Renagade 2015-2018

主图 Morsun Led

60 Morsun Led


2015~2018: JEEP RENEGADE 

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4_b9d28212-b4a4-4088-adc0-ea67e07cf210_800x Morsun Led

90 Morsun Led

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