Black Chrome Rectangle 5×7 Inch Inch Led Headligt 12v 24v Headlights

5″ x 7″ inch led headlights 7×6 led headlamp Truck light for Jeep Wrangler YJ Cherokee XJ Trucks 4X4 Offroad


Type name5×7 led headlight

4000lm @ 40W on low beam

2800lm @ 25W on high beam

Color temperature6000K 6500K
LED Chip8pcs 10w OSRAM
Beam Type High low beam
Life Span30,000+ hours


Housing materialAviation aluminum

for Jeep Wrangler

Warranty1 Year


Fit any car or truck that has 7×6 inch inch Headlights.
For Truck Jeep Cherokee XJ motorcycle
Compatible with headlights: H6014 / H6052 / H6054 / 6054
Some vehicles such as Toyota may need to move the pins on the headlamp plug to different position.
Some vehicles have different plug orientation.
Fits 1987 to 1995 YJ Wrangler
Fits 1984 to 2001 XJ Cherokee
Fits 1986 to 1992 MJ Comanche

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