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Wrangler The Beginning Of The Future

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Loading behind a culture and history of more than 70 years, the war hero, Jeep Wrangler, continues to position itself as the synonym for adventure on any terrain. His unquestionable confidence, his great strength and his adventurous soul makes him continue to be the favorite of the whole community that enjoys and connects with nature, to reach with him inaccessible places with any SUV.

When we talk about Jeep Wrangler, we talk about one of those emblematic vehicles that will go down in history as referents of the automotive industry. Perhaps many people will spend their lives without being able to get on one, but long generations will easily recognize the silhouette of this Jeep just by seeing it.


Wrangler the beginning of the future

Jeep Wrangler finds its origin at the beginning of Jeep. In 1940, then known as Willys-Overland, he participated in the competition held by the United States Army to present his vehicle project for the armed forces.

His proposal was the so-called Quad, which established the aesthetic basis of the model: rectangular shapes, characteristic grill with slats, round Jeep wrangler led headlights, etc.

He was employed for the toughest tasks in World War II. It was a vehicle built for military conflicts, which was constantly evolving to adapt to the requirements of the context. That fortress allowed him to conquer more than the German army.

His performance in the War was magnificent and the soldiers were delighted by specific characteristics such as practicality and carrying capacity. The Jeep vehicle was used in all war scenarios because it was compact enough to be transferred to combat.

Thus was born the beginning of a great legend; Created to fight in war and transformed to fulfill as a constant, firm and loyal companion in any adventure. It is a vehicle that redefines its history, to become an escort for people's freedom.

Wrangler's personality demonstrates the conditions of a rough and robust vehicle, focused on off-road driving, since it is an ideal car for anyone who feels passion for true off-road driving. Allowing to enter the most rugged terrain and overcoming obstacles of various kinds.

Designed with a purpose

If we talk about SUVs, we must talk about the Wrangler. A vehicle that is inspired by the history of the brand and seeks to keep the intact essence of a dazzling, attractive and resistant SUV that takes advantage of the latest technology and materials to create an unforgettable model.

Wrangler is an SUV that has a high level of infotainment and equipped by the Uconnect system compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for a perfect synchronization between the vehicle and the smartphone system.

And if we talk about the Wrangler, it is impossible to overlook the Rubicon, the most capable model off the road. It has all the security and equipment necessary to enter an extraordinary adventure. This Wrangler is equipped with thicker shafts than the rest, a reducer with a 4: 1 reduction ratio, electronic self-locking and also an electronic on / off stabilizer bar.

In addition, to be able to opt for bigger tires than his brothers (Sport and Sahara), the Rubicon has 5 cm higher wheel arches. Not surprisingly, the Rubicon rides the largest tires ever seen in a standard Jeep. It is a fully equipped SUV, which is ready to make you live experiences in a big way.

Of all its brothers, it is the most off-road thanks to its special features, which include shorter shaft gears and an electronic disconnecting stabilizer bar. Get the basic sports equipment, plus 17-inch alloy wheels, special all-terrain tires and a steel front bumper.

The Wrangler's engine is good, but the eight-speed automatic transmission is much better. It changes smoothly and always seems to find the right gear. Its manual mode of lever action is effective and easy to use when you want to lower gear by yourself.

There is no doubt that the Wrangler is a five-star machine when it comes to off-road skills. It is the ideal companion to explore new paths, expand horizons and live adventure. Each tiny element that makes up this Jeep makes it exclusive and perfect to feel the adrenaline throughout the body.