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What Should I Do If The Headlights Of The Car Are Yellow?

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Nowadays, the times are developing rapidly, and technology is constantly improving. The most obvious thing is that the car is slowly popularized! As people's income slowly increases, many families buy their own cars with a certain economic ability in order to travel or work conveniently. I believe everyone loves their cars very much! Regular maintenance, maintenance, etc., then the car will open for a long time will inevitably have some things aging discoloration, such as the phenomenon of yellow headlights, I believe many car owners have encountered such a situation, then, today Let's talk about the yellowing of the headlights. What method should I use to clean it? Teach you a few small tricks!

The reason why the headlights turn yellow is mainly because the lampshade material is made of polycarbonate. The advantage of using it is that it has high hardness, high strength and good light transmission, so it is very suitable as a lampshade for cars, but this material also has The shortcoming is that you can't accept too high temperature, and you can't irradiate it under UV light for a long time. Otherwise, the yellowing will be more obvious. For this situation, try these three small tricks. The first one is to use a soapy water that we usually use for a scrub. This kind of thing is believed to be common in everyone's home. This is the most convenient and convenient way, because soapy water is a weak alkaline liquid, which is very suitable for cleaning. Most things, if done well, can not only make the lights brighter, but even polish them.

The second one can try to use toothpaste to wipe the headlights. Toothpaste is also a very common item in life. It can not only be used to brush teeth, but also to wipe the headlights. It is also a good choice, as many people say, toothpaste. Can make anything white!

The third one is to buy a special polishing agent for the large lampshade. Because it is special, the effect of wiping out is of course better than that of soap and toothpaste. Not only can the lampshade be yellowed well, but also Polishing, but I heard that it is more expensive when I buy it. It is recommended to use soap and toothpaste to wipe it. This is not only the purpose but also economical.