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Used Motorcycles Worth Buying in Spain

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If you are going to buy a second-hand motorcycle, these models are the ones that may interest you the most

Today, for every new motorcycle sold in Spain, two are sold second-hand. But, what are the most interesting models if we want to buy a used motorcycle?

I am sorry to tell you that there is no single, direct or quick answer to this question. It depends, logically, on your tastes, your budget, the offer of the moment and countless variables as uncontrollable as your neighbor selling, suddenly, at a bargain price, the motorcycle you have been dreaming of for years. It doesn't usually happen, but…

We have been testing motorcycles for many years and we have a good memory of which ones we liked the most or which was, at each moment, an interesting motorcycle. An exhaustive search for these models on the different used motorcycle pages results in some models that are presented as very interesting. In many cases they are not what you imagine, because clearly best-selling motorcycles, unfortunately for you as a second-hand motorcycle buyer, rarely go down in price. A Yamaha TMAX or a BMW R GS is never cheap, and when it is, it is because you will have to "swallow" with exorbitant mileage figures or with repairs to be done.

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In any case, it is practically impossible to make a second-hand ?motocatalogue? with, for example, the models of the last 20 years. That is why we have chosen to choose motorcycles that we liked, that you can find with some ease in the market, and whose prices, in good condition, do represent savings compared to new motorcycles or, at least, compared to other similar models. We have grouped them into five age groups and within these into six somewhat general but valid categories. Serve as an example, at least, to give you an idea of some interesting models in that second-hand market.

Second-hand motorcycles less than a year old

With less than a year we are talking about semi-new motorcycles, some of them directly from "zero kilometer". Here there are many motorcycles that were registered for demonstration, motorcycles from the dealers themselves or from stores, in addition to all those of the classic case (which continues to happen a lot in motorcycles) of "I was wrong motorcycle". With them you will enjoy a state-of-the-art model, still with a guarantee, saving something compared to a similar model purchased new.

Scooter 125: Honda PCX: €2,500-3,100

A Honda PCX with less than a year is never going to be a bargain. It is one of the best-selling 125 scooters in each of its generations and has just been renewed a few months ago. We have found some from €2,500 with a few kilometers, but keep in mind that new, the latest model, costs €3,150.

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KYMCO Xciting 400S edited

Maxiscooter: KYMCO Xciting 400 S: €4,500-5,500

The latest model of the KYMCO 400 incorporates Noodoe instrumentation and improved suspension and engine smoothness. It has a new, modernized bodywork, with an even more sporty air, but in a more versatile scooter. We have found some from 2020 for about €4,800 and some more appear below €5,500 with up to 4,000 km. Considering that new its PVP is € 6,399, you should consider if it is a good idea to keep one of these.

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125 gears: Honda CB 125 R (€3,500 ¨C €4,000)

A Honda CB 125 R, the smallest in the Neo Sports Caf¨¦ range, costs €4,600. It is a motorcycle that runs more than it seems, comfortable, versatile and fun to ride. It is presented as one of the 125 most interesting of the moment, which you can find from around €3,700 in last year's models, with few kilometers.

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A2 license: Honda CB 500 F (from €5,500)

The Honda CB 500 F has managed to become one of the paradigms of the A2 motorcycle. Comfortable, fun, pleasant, not excessively expensive and, therefore, a best seller. From it we have found offers in stores from just over €5,500, a saving of just under €1,000, but savings after all.

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Benelli TRK 502 edited

Trail: Benelli TRK 502 (from €5,500)

Benelli achieved great success with the launch of this trail for the A2 license and its owners are happy with it, since it is not easy to find one in which you can save anything, considering the €6,299 that it costs new. Interestingly, it is easier to get a version X, more jacketed and higher, below €6,000, for a new motorcycle that costs €500 (€6,799) compared to the basic one.

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Suzuki GSX S 750 edited

Sport and tourism: Suzuki GSX-S 750 (from €7,000)

Naked and trail bikes are the quintessential big bikes today. And the Suzuki GSX-S 750 is a great motorcycle that is on sale as new: from more than €9,529 it now stands at €8,619 (€100 more in the A2 version in each case). But you can still get it cheaper: we have found some with about 2,000 km for just under €7,000 and some others for a little more.

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Second-hand motorcycles between one and three years

We enter the real second-hand motorcycle market. Motorcycles from before 2020, not very old, from 2018, practically of the latest generation (although not the new Euro 5) and generally with few kilometers. The truth is that in the cases of very cheap motorcycles you already find yourself with tanned and rolled motorcycles. However, as long as they are taken care of, they are still motorcycles with a lot of life ahead of them.

Scooter 125: Yamaha XMAX (2,700-4,000 €)

One of the best GT scooters ever has been the Yamaha XMax. a fast model, stable, very comfortable, equipped and, of course, not cheap. New it is sold at €4,999 in the basic version. Second-hand we have found some at €2,700 for a 2018 unit with 26,000 kilometers. But prepare €4,000 to be able to choose between several between that year and 2020, with different mileages. There is to choose.


Maxiscooter: KYMCO AK 550: (from €6,000)

It's KYMCO's answer to the reign of the Yamaha TMAX. While the Japanese maintains very high prices throughout its life, the AK 550 is put "within shot" with. greater ease. We are talking about a sport scooter, with similar features, perfect behavior and practically as much fun to ride, but that has not managed to become "fashionable" like its rival and that you can find from €6,000. In fact, we have found some cheaper, but with more than 35,000 km in three years.

KTM 125 Duke

125 gears: KTM Duke (€3,000-3,800)

The KTM Duke 2021 is marketed at €5,149. It is a bike that has sold well thanks to a reasonable price in one of the fastest and most fun to ride 125 on the market. We could have put this model in almost every one of the age groups, but it is in this band that we find the most interesting. We find some from €3,000, while the best and most modern, with few kilometers, do not reach €4,000 for the most part.

Yamaha MT 03 edited

A2 card: Yamaha MT 03 (from €3,500)

We have found some MT-03 for even less than that money, but with more than 20,000 km. It is not usual: this fun and fast naked sport can be found for about €4,000 with around 10,000 km, in the units that seem more interesting.

BMW G310GS edited

Trail: BMW G 310 GS (from €4,000)

An interesting initiation trail, not very fast due to its small 313cc engine, but pleasant to ride if you go slowly, with all the air of the legendary BMW GS and with good off-road capacity. A motorcycle that, although new, is not cheap (more than €6,300) but that in the second-hand market you can find from even a little less than €4,000. Above €4,500 you have units with few kilometers that can be attractive.

Kawasaki Z900 edited

Sport and tourism: Kawasaki Z 900 (from €6,500)

It is the best-selling naked sport in our country, which also means that there is a good amount of second-hand supply for an interesting and very versatile motorcycle, valid for many types of riders. You will find them from just under €6,500 and even below €7,000 in units with logical mileage for this type of motorcycle and age.

Second-hand motorcycles between three and five years old

On paper, three years after the registration of a vehicle we enter that moment in which the depreciation on new begins to grow, so that the difference between buying a new motorcycle and one of these begins to be important. But you still find units in very good condition that will not require extensive revisions or repairs, and that are perfectly current and very usable models. Let's see some of them.

SYM-Joymax 125

Scooter 125: SYM Joymax 125 (from €2,000)

We could say that it is a great well-known unknown, a scooter from one of those brands that seemed secondary until a few years ago "they got their act together" and reached a level of quality and performance comparable to any European or Japanese. It is a good running scooter, which was not expensive, very capable and pleasant, of which many units were sold even without becoming a best seller. Now you can get one from €2,000 in good condition and not too many kilometers.

Honda Integra 750

Maxiscooter: Honda Integra 750: (from €5,500)

It is the heir generation of the original Honda concept that mixes motorcycle and scooter and from which best sellers such as the X-ADV or the recent Forza 750 have been born. That one was not as exciting in its configuration as these, but it was very nice and they are available at a reasonable price. reasonable, from around €5,000 for 25,000 km. To highlight the DCT gearbox software, improved compared to the first 700 cc versions.

125 gears: Yamaha MT 125 (from €3,000)

Another one of those latest-generation 125 naked, with a 15 hp engine for excellent performance, which you can get from €3,000 for 2016-17 units with less than 10,000 km. It was a very apparent motorcycle, with a large body to resemble its older sisters in the MT range, but with a powerful engine, capable of offering first-rate performance, shared with the sporty YZF-R 125.

KTM 390 Duke

A2 license: KTM Duke 390 (from €3,500)

Between €3,500 and €4,000 a Duke 390 with reasonable mileage can cost you. Even also below those 3,500 km if you do not mind if you have any more. We have found one for €2,500 with 54,000 km. A reasonable price for a highly recommended motorcycle for those looking for sporty behavior in a light single-cylinder, fast and fun like few others.

BMW F800G edited

BMW Presentation F800GS and F700GS. Madrid January 27, 2016.

Trail: BMW F 800 GS (from €8,500)

The GS will never be cheap. The BMW F800GS is perhaps the most "average" of them in terms of performance, size and versatility, but it is not cheap for that. We have found units from €8,500 with different extras and accessories. But you can upgrade the motorcycle with the BMW f800gs led headlight. Some cheaper with more than 50,000 km and others especially expensive (more than €10,000) very new and fully equipped.

Yamaha MT07 edited

Sport and tourism: Yamaha MT-07 (from €4,500)

About €4,500 can cost a Yamaha MT-07 in good condition between 20,000 and 30,000 kilometers. They go up a bit if they are more modern, since I remind you that they had to change the model just in 2018. In any case, they are fun motorcycles to ride and very usable on a day-to-day basis, which have always been sold new at reasonable prices, which which has made them very popular both new and second hand.

Second-hand motorcycles between six and ten years old

A six-year-old motorcycle is no longer a new motorcycle in any case. You will be able to find motorcycles with very few kilometers exceptionally, but keep in mind that the simple passage of time also leaves its mark on motorcycles. In fact, a motorcycle with a bad life can be in poor shape, but a motorcycle that has not been used in years is not very reliable either. The best many times is a logical use, normal mileage and proper care. In these conditions you will find many motorcycles. Of all those, the ones that we have found most interesting are these.

Scooter 125: KYMCO Super Dink 125, (1,500-2,000 €)

One of the best selling scooters on our market for many years was this first generation KYMCO Super Dink 125. The oldest ones are already more than 10 years old (2009), but one from 2011 can cost you from just over €1,200 or €1,300 to almost €2,000 in one of the last ones from 2016. Do not rule out the old ones in this case : That engine was very aware of the new anti-pollution regulations and the older ones ran more than the most modern ones.

BMW C600 edited

Maxiscooter: BMW C 600 / 650: (4,500-5,500 €)

BMW scooters have always sold well with the German brand's own financing systems. This has caused that there is a lot of second-hand supply with a few years and, also, in this age group. The high displacement C-series is a very powerful and fast scooter, fun to ride and that you can find at a reasonable price, starting at around €4,500 in 2012 or 2013 with around 35,000 km.

Honda CBR125R edited

125 gears: Honda CBR 125 (€1,200-2,500)

The Honda CBR 125 R were best sellers more than 10 years ago, a tough and reliable motorcycle, with a sporty image but with the soul of an urbanite that underwent a complete renovation in those years. The second generation was somewhat more "racing", very fast despite not reaching 15 hp and a good daily motorcycle. This generational change will make you find the last of the first generation around €1,500 and those of the second from around €2,300 or €2,500.

CN4D3834 edited scaled

A2 card: Kawasaki ER-6n (3,500-4,500 €)

It is not an A2 properly speaking, but it is a limitable motorcycle that was very widespread at the time. The predecessor of the current Kawasaki Z 650 was less refined in operation than its heir, but fun, with character and versatile, while being economical to purchase and maintain. Now we have found some of those years even below those reference prices, but the majority, in good condition and with logical mileage, are located in that price range, depending on the year.

Kawasaki Versys 650

Trail: Kawasaki Versys 650 (from €4,000-5,000)

The asphalt trail version of the previous one was also a very popular bike with plenty to choose from on the used market. It was a comfortable motorcycle for traveling that in those years (2015-2016) changed from the bodywork with superimposed headlights to the modern one with more sporty headlights, ?ninja? style. That explains why you find motorcycles around €4,000 or more than €5,000.

Yamaha Fazer 800 edited

Sport and tourism: Yamaha FZ8 / Fazer 800 (from €4,500)

The best of the FZ and Fazer is precisely the least successful. Between the best-selling and popular 600 and the exclusive and powerful 1000 there was this Fazer 800 (with half fairing) and FZ 8 (naked) which were a perfect balance between the two, packed with torque, hp and ease of use. You'll find more FZ8 than Fazer, starting at just over €4,000, in good condition.

Second-hand motorcycles with more than ten years

Don't be offended if your bike is at this "difficult" age: more than 10 years is an old bike. It does not mean far from it that it is not valid, that you do not like it or that it does not have a value. Even that motorcycle, in many cases, for many of us, is even better than a modern one when you are still in love with it. Here the market opens up to the very paradise of the classics, so it is impossible to establish which is the best or worst option. We choose these.

Honda SH125 edited

Scooter 125: Honda Scoopy 125 (from €1,500

The great best seller in our market is the Scoopy, which has been in those positions of honor in sales since almost time immemorial. The problems of the anti-pollution regulation in Barcelona have caused many to go on sale because they cannot be used there. And involved in this motorcycle thing for years, and a Scoopy 75 or 100 of those 2T, which are already on their way to being classic motorcycles? It can be an original and elegant way to get around the city. A 125 4T from 2005 to 2010 can be around €1,000 to €1,500, in good condition.

Maxiscooter: Suzuki Burgman 400 (from €2,200)

The dean of maxi scooters was for many years one of the best options you had if you wanted a truly versatile scooter. They walked well, with a lot of load capacity and very comfortable, while still being agile in the city as they were not excessively large. You find them, second generation (after 2005) from around €2,000 to €2,500 with not much more than 30,000 kilometers.

Honda Varadero 125 edited

125 Gears: Honda Varadero 125 (€1,200-2,500)

It was a motorcycle that for years was considered the best 125 you could buy, which was indeed expensive and deserved it: a V2 engine was a true luxury in a 125, with fibers and the appearance of a large motorcycle, very smooth and pleasant to ride. . You can find one of these bikes, also known for being very tough, from just over €1,000 for the oldest units and up to just over €2,000 for the most modern ones.

Suzuki GS 500

A2 license: Suzuki GS 500 (€1,500-2,000)

The incombustible Suzuki GS 500 is a motorcycle that was born as a utilitarian option for an average motorcycle, which went through the 34 CV limitations of the old license and continued to be useful for the first A2. You find them from €1,000 in reasonable condition to €1,500 to €2,000 for the latest versions.

Suzuki V Strom 650 edited

Trail: Suzuki V-Strom (from €4,000-5,000)

Another mythical trail that you can find at a reasonable price are the legendary Suzuki V-Strom. They sold well then, in full fashion for asphalt trail bikes, in 650 and 1,000 versions. Of the first you will find units with less than 30,000 km for around €3,500 for motorcycles from around 2005 and even over €4,000 for 2011. Of the 1000 we have found some from 2005 for about €4,000 with less than 40,000 km.

Honda CBR600 RR edited

Sport and tourism: Honda CBR 600 F/RR (from €1,000)

You keep putting CBR 600 in the search engine of any motorcycle ad portal and several hundred units continue to come out even if you limit the search to 2011. It remains a sought after and revered motorcycle as it is versatile, comfortable (in the case of the RR more than its direct rivals) and fun to ride in all its versions, which you can find from just over €1,000 for some of the mythical units. F2 to more than 5,000 of the RR of the years 10 and 11. But as in the case of the Scoopy, why not a pre-classic, like those beautiful CBR 600 F2 of 91-92?