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This is How Mercedes’ New Smart Headlights Work

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Mercedes is testing its new pixel smart LED adaptive headlights, which have 1,024 configurable light points. The German brand has partnered with Osram, Hella, Fraunhofer and Infineon to get this technology incorporated into series production. Will he get it?

Mercedes has just presented its new technology. This is related to lighting and surely it will not leave you indifferent. These are the new adaptive headlights with intelligent pixel LEDs. These new multibeam lights will use 84 LEDs that can be individually controlled. It should be noted that each one has 1,024 configurable light points. The goal of these new smart headlights? Get as much visibility as possible.

The novelty does not stop here, the new sensors will make the light more intelligent. When entering a curve, the LEDs will light up according to the layout. The driver will be able to contemplate the possible dangers and advance his maneuver. Only the custom car lights service can meet the requirements of Smart headlights production. These lights also warn of the situation of other vehicles and thus avoid glare.

Osram has been the one who has directed this project that has lasted about three and a half years. Mercedes has partnered with Fraunhofer, Hella and Infineon to develop the new smart headlights. The German brand has already tested this technology on the road and possibly it will reach serial vehicles. It is very possible that in the United States they cannot enjoy this her due to the traffic regulations of the country. In the regulations you can read that the driver must be able to switch between position, short and long lights.