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The Brighter The Headlight Are, The Better?

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Many riders are blindly pursuing coolness and personality, and have not entered the misunderstanding of the modification. In fact, the headlights are not as bright as possible. I mistakenly believe that the lighter the lighter the better, so the Headlight are modified. There are two specific methods: increase the original car bulb power and modify the xenon headlights. However, these methods also have hidden dangers to varying degrees.

The bulb wattage is increased, the current and heat are multiplied, which tends to cause the aging of the lamp and the melting of the lamp head to accelerate, and also imposes an excessive burden on the generator, the fuse, and the battery. Many self-igniting vehicles are caused by this power modification. Therefore, basically lighting experts do not recommend that you use this method to brighten the lights. At present, there is a normal-power (55W-60W) upgraded halogen bulb on the market, such as Philips Extreme Light and Night Aurora Light, which is a high-intensity light bulb produced by high-tech process without changing the power. It is worth noting that another advantage of these bulbs is that they are fully compliant with national regulations and do not create obstacles to the other party's travel.

Xenon headlight modification also has hidden dangers. The Xenon lamp is actually only a general term, because the HID imported from the domestic price of 1,500 yuan to the import of 10,000 yuan is called Xenon lamp, but the quality is not good, even some domestic xenon lamps look like Xenon headlights, but non-orthodox high-pressure discharge light source, plus Low-cost high-voltage packages and modified wire sets have largely damaged the original lamps and electrical systems. In addition, due to the high illumination intensity of the xenon lamps, the scattered high-brightness lights are likely to cause traffic accidents. Therefore, for owners with high brightness requirements, it is generally recommended to use an upgraded halogen bulb or a branded Xenon headlight combination kit with guaranteed quality.

In addition, considering that many young people like white light, and the price of the regular brand Xenon headlights is unbearable, many international brands have introduced white light-type upgraded halogen bulbs in the Chinese market. These products are equipped with ordinary halogen lamps. Compared with the color, brightness and longevity, the price is much lower than the xenon headlights, but without losing the elegance, thus becoming the new favorite of young car owners.