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Offroad Supplies And Products For A Jeep Cherokee XJ

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There are hundreds of products on the market that can help modify your Jeep Cherokee XJ to go off road. You don't need any of these products to go off-road, but making a few modifications can help improve your Jeep's off-road performance.

Upgrading the tires is one of the most basic modifications you make to your XJ that will improve off-road performance. Buying and installing oversized, all-terrain tires will increase your XJ's ground clearance, give you more traction and make your Jeep less likely to stall.

Lifting your Jeep performs two main functions off the road. It adds ground clearance, which is important off-road as it allows your Jeep to go over rough terrain more easily without hanging up or damaging the landing gear. Jacking up your Jeep also allows you to clear some of the larger off-road tires without scrubbing. Scouring occurs when your tire hits the body of your Jeep when activating or driving. Scrubbing is a sign that your tires are too big for your Jeep.

Adding a winch to your Jeep Cherokee XJ is a practical decision, even though some people have gone so far as to add them for looks as well. A winch is typically attached to its bumper and can be attached to a tree or another truck to extract a stuck vehicle from mud, sand, or snow. Select a winch that is rated to get more out of your truck's weight.

Adding off-road lights will help you see more clearly in the dark on trails or in the woods. Offroad lights can be very useful if a vehicle is damaged or stuck at night. These Jeep Cherokee XJ led headlights provide significantly more illumination than regular vehicle lights and can be redirected to point in certain directions. It is illegal to use high beams on the highway or regular paved roads in most states, as it will blind other drivers.

Upgrading your bumpers will provide additional protection for your vehicle should you hit something. Bumpers designed for off-road use can also be used to hook up other vehicles when one vehicle gets stuck.

There are hundreds of little accessories that can come in handy when off-roading in the Jeep Cherokee  XJ. Waterproof seats are popular with Jeep owners because they can be easily hosed down and wiped clean. You can also install a larger radiator to keep your Jeep cooler during off-road driving.