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Make Way For A Very Special Jeep Wrangler With Six Wheels

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You wake up late, the coffee has gone cold and there is no bread left to make toast. The day does not start well and on top of that you find a monumental traffic jam on the way to work, just today that you have a meeting with the boss first thing in the morning. As in the movie A Day of Fury, a bad mood begins to mark your mood and you imagine how good it would be to have a big car, very big, to go over those buggies as if they were nothing more than small stones on the road .

Keep dreaming and tell me: what car do you drive in your imagination? Maybe a Mercedes Benz G63 6×6? Or a Hennessey Velociraptor?

We suggest you change those models for this six-wheel Jeep Wrangler. And we tell you for a reason: if you really like three-axle cars (but not to run over anyone, eh?), this option is the most affordable at the moment.

The six-wheel Jeep Wrangler you'll see in the photo gallery is the work of Bruiser Conversions. Saving the distances, we can say that it is the mundane version of the Devel Sixteen (especially for price) and is developed on the basis of the Jeep Wrangler JK. Check this 9 inch Jeep jl headlights for 2018+ Jeep Wrangler, very impressived lighting system for Jeep JL.

The three-axle Jeep Wrangler developed by Bruiser Conversions has a longer body to accommodate the extra axle, an open rear cargo space covered with oak wood, higher ground clearance, special suspension, rear winch front and special alloy wheels.

At the design level, the matte green finish that covers the exterior, the new side mirrors with LED turning lights, the steel bumpers and an optional light bar mounted on the A-pillars stand out.

Bruiser Conversions claims that it can modify any Jeep Wrangler, not just to make it a 6×6; You can also improve its performance by adding a Hemi V8 engine or a Cummins Turbo diesel. For the 6×6, the customizer has chosen an LS3 V8 engine made by General Motors that generates 480 hp.

Remember, finally, that this is not the first six-wheel Jeep Wrangler we see around here. A couple of years ago a Chinese tuner named G.Patton already shaped the Wrangler 6×6.