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Is The Car Fog Light Useful?

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The fog lamps are divided into front fog lamps and rear fog lamps. There are no mandatory installation requirements in the national standard, so many cars are cost-effective and do not install fog lamps for simple matching.

In low-visibility weather conditions, the rear fog lights rely on strong red light to alert others. You can observe and observe that when you look at the illuminated brake light and rear fog light directly behind the vehicle, you will find that the rear fog light will be much brighter or even glaring.

The front fog lamp, firstly, the front fog lamp has absolutely illumination effect, the front fog lamp has a low installation position, the brightness required by the regulations is very high, and the emitted light can make up for the darkness that the low beam lamp and the high beam lamp cannot be illuminated in front of the car. Area. At the same time, the front fog lamp regulations require that the fog light needs to be wide, that is, to illuminate the left front and right front of your vehicle as much as possible. The purpose of this is to let you see the ground markers and let you follow these markers. At the same time, more and more front fog lamps bear the steering assist function, that is, when turning, the front fog lights are turned on, illuminating the blind spot of the field of view, which is also the lighting effect.

Next, talk about the warning role of the front fog lights. In the foggy weather, due to the regulatory requirements, the low beam light hits the ground, and does not alert the opposite side of the car; and the high beam? In fact, the high beam can definitely play the role of fogging the other day, but because the high beam is illuminated in the vertical direction, a lot of light is directed into the sky, the installation position is high, the high beam is turned on in the fog, and the strong light is hit. On the dense fog, a layer of light curtain is formed on the direction of the vehicle, which affects the driver's field of vision. Therefore, the fog light does not normally open the high beam; while the front fog lamp is not as clear as the low beam, because it is clear. There are a lot of light shots on the opposite side of the car and pedestrians, which will serve as a warning, but there will not be too much light to hit the sky, and its own installation position is low, so there will be no problem similar to the high beam affecting the field of view.

All in all, the fog lights can greatly improve your driving safety in foggy days. The front fog lights can not only alert others but also play a role in lighting. Therefore, some manufacturers do not install fog lights in order to save money. Playing tricks, is there wood? However, if your car has a front fog lamp and a high-end LED front fog lamp, it is simply a crime, not only for you to spend a lot of money, but also because the LED light penetration ability for fog is much lower than the ordinary halogen light source, Your safety guarantee is not as good as the ordinary halogen light source front fog light, so you can see that some front and rear lights, including far and near light, are all high-end atmospheric LED light sources, and the front fog light is just a broken light bulb. It, this is a good intention of the manufacturer.