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Is It Necessary To Change The Golden Eye Of The Car Fog Light?

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Car fog lights are installed at the front and rear of the car to illuminate roads and safety warnings when driving in rainy and foggy weather. Increased visibility of the driver and surrounding traffic participants.

This golden fog light will play a big role in the winter when it is foggy. The price is not high and the effect is good. Among them, Goldeneye LED is currently the most mainstream choice in the market. Rain and fog, snow and snow, the effect is the lever.

Is the golden eye fog light good?

Red and yellow are the most penetrating colors, but red means ¡°no pass¡±, so use yellow. Yellow is the purest color, and the car's yellow anti-fog light can penetrate very thick fog and shoot far away. Because of the backscattering relationship, the driver of the rear car turns on the headlights, which increases the background intensity, and the image of the front car is more blurred. So choosing a gold fog light is the best. The safest, can prevent rear-end collision, let the front and rear vehicles know your existence, is the safest.