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How Will LED Headlight Technology Develop?

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LED lights are the development trend of automotive lighting. LED headlights have quietly emerged when xenon lamps, which began to appear in the 1990s, have not yet fully become popular. Compared with traditional halogen lamp heat radiation and xenon lamp high-pressure gas illumination, LED lamps convert electric energy into light energy through LEDs, which makes LEDs have rich colors, high brightness, long life, high efficiency, low energy consumption and small size. Unique advantages such as light weight. From the specific performance indicators, the light intensity of the LED lamp can reach 5 times that of the halogen lamp and 1.4 times that of the xenon lamp. LED lamps have a service life of up to 100,000 hours, far longer than halogen and xenon lamps. The energy consumption of LEDs is only one tenth of that of halogen lamps and one-seventh of xenon lamps. In addition, LED lamps have considerable advantages in terms of illumination distance and illumination effects.

The superiority of many performances has led to the rapid growth of LED lamps in recent years. At the same time, it has attracted more enterprises to participate in. LED lights have begun to spread in the joint venture brands and self-owned brands. At present, most of the mid-to-high-end models of the joint venture brand are equipped with LED lights, and their own brands have also launched new models with LED lights, which have successfully attracted potential consumers.

With the rapid increase in the penetration rate of LED car headlights, smart LED lights began to emerge. With the development of artificial intelligence, machine intelligence and consumption upgrades in recent years, the demand for intelligent and safety of automobiles has increased, and AFS and ADB systems have emerged.