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How To Replace The Car Fog Light And Precautions

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Fog lights can play a big role in low visibility. There are fog lights on the car now, but the lights will not guarantee that she will not be bad, so we have to guarantee that we will replace them in time.

Steps for replacing and installing Fog Lights:

Getting started, the first step is to unscrew the screws. First kill the steering wheel in one direction, do you see the two screws on the bezel? Unscrew them both.

Start to remove the cover, you have to get the above buckle one by one, this requires patience, although the card is relatively tight, but as long as you can find the right direction, you can easily and easily get down the direction, brothers Violent. The cover took off and saw the fog light plug on it?

What needs to be noted here is that when you install the Fog Light, you need to get rid of the part that I circled. Otherwise, the Fog Light will be bumpy and uneven, leaving a large gap. Obsessive-compulsive disorder like me is absolutely forbearing. Nothing. Then you can install it. In-home installation, everyone knows? I won't go into details. Take the power-taking steps, you can take a detailed look at the owner's manual, I think the 10th relay and the 23rd fuse, the specific ones are still to see for yourself.

Note on replacing and installing Fog Lights:

One point that should be emphasized is that it is especially important to open the fog light limit!

Front Fog Light: The function of the front Fog Light is not illumination, but a high-brightness scattering light source. The intensity of this light source is to penetrate the dense fog and remind the opposite driver, although it can illuminate a small piece. Place, but if used under normal conditions, it is enough to dazzle the eyes of the opposite driver. In this case, it is an unethical behavior to open the front Fog Light. It is recommended not to use it under normal conditions, but only in dense fog. Even in heavy rain, only low beam lights are needed, and fog lights won't give you any help.

Rear fog light: The function of the rear fog light is to make it easy for car drivers behind the vehicle to find their car in a low visibility environment such as fog, snow, rain or dust.

The Fog Light is a more important car light in the car. When the visibility is low, the Fog Light must be turned on to ensure that the position of our car can be seen by others to avoid danger.