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How To Distinguish Car Headlights?

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Daytime running lights were extended from the European Union to China and started in North America. Warnings during the day can reduce the accident rate. The EU has regulations for it, color temperature and color boundaries, and the total area of the illuminator, just like a small lamp or a width lamp. Xenon lights have spread and passed through the golden age. I won¡¯t go into details here. I can tell you about HID in the morning. I can¡¯t finish talking about lighting. Why don¡¯t you ask what halogen headlights are? One is energized with tungsten wire, and the inert gas is heated by 28000KV high-voltage electric arc. The former consumes large color temperature and has short life but low cost. LEDs are all advantages, LEDs, color pure high-brightness, high-life energy-saving and low-heat, LED headlights and full LEDs are no different, but the illuminant area is used for what purposes, such as the 08-type AUDIA4B8 headlights are divided into two types Low with no LED daytime running lights, high with belts, so as long as there are LED lighting tubes in the headlights, people will be called LED headlights, and high-equipped B8 headlights are equipped with LED driver modules to control the daytime Driving lights, turn signals.

The cost of all LED headlights is the highest. A pair of Audi A8D4 full LED headlights can buy a Jetta avant-garde. After disassembling, look at the structure and craftsmanship of all the crafts in the world. There are five groups of LED driver modules. Long-life cooling fan, in addition to normal functions, can also automatically realize highway lighting, follow-up turn signals, all-weather lighting, etc. The most bullish is 22 lighting grids used to turn to daytime running lights and convert colors It is not the switching signal that is turned on and off, it is realized by the PWM duty cycle signal. The low beam also has 10 independent modules. The difference is that the number of illuminating sheets is 2, and the two groups of high beams are integrated. A luminescent film is really a perfect technology, more distinguished! Distinguish it, the small lights in the day are not all 2B, mostly daytime running lights, most of which are LED lighting forms, in addition to the new sagitar, etc., more LED sectors Easy to distinguish, Xenon in the high-end car is standard to see the car will know, there are a few taxis do not face change the lamp is not equipped with lenses, snow shiny glare! Original standards have requirements Xenon lamp color temperature does not exceed 4300 and has a lens, really full LED large The lights are less than one million Some cars are less!