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Headlight Modification Must Be Well Thought Out, Beware Of Falling Pits

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Refitted lights can make the car more personal, but if handled improperly, it may pose a safety hazard. If you want to change the lights, it is recommended that you understand the following five points to protect your driving safety. The following industry insider gives you the opportunity to change the lights.

Professional lamp modification will greatly reduce the chance of spontaneous combustion

The car's headlights have a voltage of only 12 volts, but after this modification, the newly added supercharger can make the instantaneous voltage reach 23,000 volts and reach 8000 volts after stabilization, which will have a great impact on the original car line and equipment operation. In other words, such private modification often leads to overheating of the vehicle's line, speeding up the aging of the line, and the chance of short circuit or even spontaneous combustion. Therefore, the method of remodeling the lighting device in the auto repair shop is simple and rough, and it will not be able to install and adjust the brightness, angle, distance, height, color temperature, etc. of the lamp in accordance with national technical standards, and must find a professional store.

The lights should not be too bright, otherwise the hidden dangers at night will increase.

According to the traffic police, the brightness of the lights is a national standard. High-intensity lights can easily cause ¡°instant blindness¡± to the driver when driving at night, which lasts for about 3 to 5 seconds. In a matter of seconds, the driver is driving like a closed-eye, and the ability to observe the surrounding pedestrians and the vehicles coming and going is greatly reduced, resulting in traffic accidents. "There is no brightest, only brighter!" This is in the flicker you don't understand.

In the modification, it should be based on the manufacturer's configuration.

In recent years, when the lights are modified, there are angel eyes, devil eyes, etc., by installing lenses to achieve different visual effects, and the color matching is free to choose, so that your car can be more personalized, but in fact In the process of dismantling and reloading, the construction is improper or the craft is lacking. In the later stage, the sealing problem often occurs, causing the headlights to easily fog or enter the water.

The source of the modified parts must be regular

More than 50% of the spare parts of the vehicle lighting equipment that are not reliable are modified from the scraps removed from the accident vehicle. The quality cannot be guaranteed, and there is a great safety hazard. It is recommended that no matter which part of the vehicle is modified, it is necessary to confirm in advance whether the source of the modified parts is legal and legal. Try to choose some big stores. Don't easily believe that the business is ¡°blowed¡±, if the price of the parts is much lower than the market average. , it is more important to leave one more eye.

The lamp modification should be registered in the vehicle management office.

Once the owner changes the light, he/she must apply to the vehicle management office for ¡°application for change registration¡± within 10 days after the modification is completed. The inspection station will evaluate the changed lighting parameters and conform to the national standards before finally allowing the road.

The above is the experience in the modification of the lights, we are responsible for the modification of the lights, responsible for the life, have an attitude, worthy of their own conscience. I believe that everyone who comes to us is a person who trusts us, and we must be sincere to our friends. In addition, we recommend that the owners of the Headlights can be modified to have their own standards, chaos is easy to accident, to listen to the advice of professionals.