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Duration and Price Weak Points of LED Headlights

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In each new launch of the automotive world there is no lack of a reference to the type of light groups that the vehicle in question mounts, always standing out when they are LED headlights in any of their multiple versions. However, are they all good things in this system? These types of pilots offer advantages and disadvantages and, among the latter, there are those who believe that duration and price are some of their weak points. Is it so?

Here the perception is completely wrong, since precisely the useful life is one of the main points in favor of this type of optical groups. It is estimated that these pilots last 20,000 hours working at full capacity and that, after this barrier, they do not break down suddenly, but rather they begin to lose intensity progressively, so they are still useful for as many kilometers.

Other strong points for which they also stand out are their energy efficiency, the fact that they project a white light that soothes eyestrain, they allow for more varied designs, etc.

This really is a but of the LED optical groups. So we know that custom car lights is not easy, it needs lots of rich experience engineers and money for researching and developing. Although the technology has become cheaper in recent years, they are still more expensive than other types. To this must be added the fact that when they break down, the headlight must be changed completely, with the cost that this represents. The good thing is that, as we have already mentioned, given its useful life, its replacement is much more spaced out in time, so they compensate for that part.