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Classification And Working Principle Of Automobile Fog Lights

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When driving in harsh weather conditions such as fog, snow and heavy rain, or in a dusty environment, the car must be illuminated by front fog lights in order to illuminate the road ahead and to ensure safe driving. In recent years, in terms of design, the fog lights are often placed on the front bumper.

Classification of car fog lights

According to the installation position, it can be divided into car front fog light and car rear fog light; according to the principle of illumination, it can be divided into gas car fog light and LED car fog light. Audi has recently developed a laser fog light.

Construction of automobile fog lights

Reflector, light distribution mirror, light bulb (or LED), hood and vertical light adjustment device and outer casing. The movable type of the light and the movable type of the mirror are mainly used. The bulb is mostly a 55W halogen bulb. In addition, the beam adjustment is generally only in the up and down direction.

Light distribution performance of automobile fog lights

In order to suppress the light reflection phenomenon caused by the diffuse reflection of the irradiation light due to the water or dust particles floating in the air, it is most important to block the visible light in the vertical direction. In addition, in order to increase the diffusion angle in the horizontal direction, uniform light distribution is required. The color of the light is white or light yellow.

How car fog lights work

The filament of the light source is designed to be at the focus of the paraboloid of the mirror, and is reflected by the mirror to form a beam parallel to the optical axis. The light beam diffuses and refracts the beam to form a wide horizontal beam, and its light shape and illumination meet the regulatory requirements. The hood in the front fog light is used to cover the light that is irradiated to the upper part of the mirror, so that the light distribution has a clear cut-off line, that is, the upper and lower sides are clear. It should be as dark as possible in the visible area above the light-gloss edge, and the horizontal spread angle should be 50¡ã on both sides of the lower bright area to form a bright area of left and right lateral to meet the dazzling and safe driving. Provide good lighting conditions.