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Car Headlight Failure Reason

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The general headlights of the car are all made of four lights. The main reason for the failure of the four-lamp headlights is that they use faulty lamps with high power. Of course, many owners buy them. Some of the poor quality bulbs on the market have been replaced, resulting in insufficient wattage; in part, the headlamps have a larger wattage and a stronger luminosity, deliberately replacing the high-power bulbs; these are all caused by the car. The cause of the lamp failure.

These reasons for the failure of the car headlights are basically inappropriate for the use of the lamp. Some owners may not care about this, but the truth is: these practices will cause damage to other parts of the car. For example, if the lamp burns out and the battery is damaged, it may cause a short circuit of the wire to cause the car to explode; therefore, we need to seriously treat the headlight failure to prevent accidents.

The headlights of automobiles generally have the types of incandescent, halogen, and helium. With the continuous development of automotive technology, the past incandescent vacuum lamps have been eliminated. At present, the headlights of automobiles are mainly halogen lamps and xenon lamps.