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Can The Car Headlights Be Retrofitted After The Annual Inspection?

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Many riders have this kind of doubt, especially those who want to modify the lights. Many people don¡¯t know whether they can pass the annual inspection after the modification. Let¡¯s solve this problem that has been plagued for many years.

Can you tell us about the annual inspection after upgrading the lights? And the standard of annual inspection of the lights.

The mainstream lights on the market are basically divided into halogen lamps, HID (Xenon) headlights and LED headlights. Because the car factory considers the cost problem, the original car is usually equipped with halogen lamps. If the original factory is equipped with xenon lamps or LED headlights, the lighting effect can almost satisfy most car owners. Generally, the brightness of driving at night is not enough. Most of the lamps that need to be upgraded are halogen lamps.

The law stipulates that Xenon lamp modification must meet four basic conditions:

1. Assemble the lens system, headlight cleaning system, headlight automatic level system, and ensure that the color temperature of the light is within 4300K.

2. The driver abuses the high beam to cause glare, and the blindness of the near and far light switches temporarily and blindly, which will bring serious traffic safety hazards.

3, Xenon headlights activation takes a few seconds. When you need to see the road surface in time, turn the headlight button, the xenon lamp will slowly light up, and in these few seconds, it will often lead to traffic accidents.

4. At present, most vehicles are not designed with the Xenon high beam system in mind. After modification, it will cause confusion such as car instrumentation, darkening of the light indication, malfunction of the shift control system, misplacement, chaos, etc. It is recommended to professional Change the light store to upgrade.

If you are a halogen headlight

For halogen lamps (with a service life of about 500 hours), the average light bulb is more than 30% after half a year, and once the light decay exceeds 20%, the lumen value of most halogen lamps is lower than 1200LM. The minimum standard for low beam. It can't be used.

Xenon light

After the modification of the xenon lamp, the brightness of the headlight bulb will be weakened every 50,000 km or 2 years. Slowly, the light decay condition, the international standard of xenon lamp is 2250 hours light decay does not exceed 30%, under normal circumstances the service life can reach 3000 hours, but the modified product will reach more than 30% in 500 hours light decay.

LED lighting failure

Compared with halogen lamps and xenon lamps, the lifespan of LED headlights for 50,000 hours has already killed the two above, making them unable to reach the lights. Not only that, LED lights use 3,000 hours of light fade performance of less than 5%, is also an important reason for LED headlights to be loved and chosen by many owners.

If you are a halogen lamp to convert a xenon lamp, if you only replace the xenon lamp with a halogen lamp, it must not be an annual inspection; there is also a halogen lamp modified xenon lamp with a double lens, which can be checked for the New Year. The annual inspection of automobile lights is the intensity of the light. Our national regulations only have the lower limit of the lights. There is no upper limit. As long as the low beam has passed 1050 lumens, the high beam exceeds 1450 lumens. As for the upper limit of lighting, the law only says that as long as it does not affect the safety of the driver on the opposite side, if you modify the xenon lamp, if you add a double-lens lens, there will be no astigmatism, and it will not affect the safety of the driver on the opposite side. It is legal, and many car owners can hear the modified car lights through the annual inspection, which will lead to the failure of the car inspection. In fact, this is only for vehicles with heavy modification and malicious construction. such as:

1. Refit the HID xenon lamp with too high color temperature. When the car is in the car, the light of the car will have a major impact on the other party.

2. Some lights with too much astigmatism.

3. After changing the xenon lamp, the illumination angle exceeds the standard and the detection line cannot pass. If you only upgrade the brightness of the light, it will not cause light pollution, and it will pass smoothly when the vehicle is inspected.